JUSTIN GROUNDS // Nomadic multi-instrumentalist and electro-acoustic visionary" Justin Grounds released his stunning new album 'The Dissolving' last March. Grounds' own life has trodden a path as wildly romantic and unconventional as his music. ... Born into a family of intellectuals, priests and hippies, his musical education was unorthadox and eclectic; studying baroque violin, foraging ideas from classical sonatas to jazz/funk grooves, touring with a drum'n'bass collective and completing a degree in electro-accoustic composition.

"As my life was drawn into this very organic rhythm, the tides, the fire, the chopping of the wood....in a strange way creatively I started getting drawn into the electronic side of my studio. All the time I was working on this record I was deeply seduced by the idea of combining the sheer purity, almost divine, but cold perfection of the electronic sounds with the fragmented and flawed, yet warm wooden sounds of the string instruments. Somewhere in the joining of these two sides of the spectrum came a profound and hopeful movement."

Driven along by crispy drum'n'bass samples, glitchy analog synth basslines and electro-acoustic textures, the songs took shape with plucked violins and percussive pianos sent through tape delays, small fragments of thumb piano chiming and creating a harmonic structure. On top of all this music the lyrics began to shape themselves, mystical streams of song that made themselves known in the final stages of composition, as if appearing in the mist over the ocean. LISTEN:: http://www.justingrounds.com/

Picture is attached. Will put out the word online about the show on Sunday in bar of Das Hotel.
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